The name Zimbabwe, loosely transplanted from the native Shona (language) means house of stones, huis van stenen in Dutch . Great Zimbabwe is located in the south-eastern part of the country in Masvingo (ruins) and it is a protected heritage site estimated to have been built between 1100 and 1450AD. It was built using motarless stones by the first inhabitants who happened to be Shona (my ancestors!). There are quiet a number of ruins in Southern Africa and Great Zimbabwe is believed to have served as a royal Palace and is a distinguished place. The chevron which forms part of the patterns we incorporated stems from these ruins and we designed this print to represent this royalty aspect of the ruins . The chevron pattern also denotes the woman in African society. The middle part of the print resembles the water which flows in the lands of Africa and is also inspired by the different vibrant colours from the Zimbabwean Flag.
Yellow for the mineral wealth .Green for agriculture . Red for the blood shed in the liberation war . Black for the majority of the populace . White for peace.
The Pfeka Masvingo fabric is designed to integrate this ingenious layout of the stones and the patterns that are there, which makes this print a true representation of Zimbabwe, and the African print.


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