An interview with Eglet Nyabvure, the powerful woman behind the Zimbabwean clothing brand ‘Pfeka’

The ‘Eglet Experience’ on collaborations, human rights and environmental due diligence

Eglet Nyabvure, the powerful woman behind ‘Pfeka’ is definitely a force to reckon with when it comes to her products originality, quality and zeal for sustainable entrepreneurship. Despite the challenges she faces as the founder of an SME and as a black woman, she takes due diligence seriously in her collaborations with suppliers to mitigate against human rights abuses and environmental harm. On International Women’s Day- 8 March 2022, The Shift had a chance to interview her regarding her views and experiences on collaborations as well as human rights and environmental due diligence. She also spoke to us about what it means to build a clothing brand as a woman with strong values and in a world where partnerships, human rights and the environment have become increasingly important.


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