Pfeka African Print Cape Blazer

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The Cape blazer is a beautiful piece with the prints carefully embedded in the inside of the lining and a solid colour of the blazer popping out for that unique look.

We use the Masvingo fabric for the lining which is from our own in-house design, this fabric is inspired by the Great Zimbabwe, extensive stone ruins of an African Iron Age city in Zimbabwe. The different patterns with their meaning then and how it applies in this modern day drove us to make this fabric.

It is not just an African print but an African print telling the amazing and preserving the African stories

The chevron pattern represented fertility in women.
The Dentelle Pattern depicts the succession of Kings one after the other, in nowadays the kingdoms are what we will leave for the future generation that we need to continue working on.
The Herring Bone Pattern represented the idea that the king was the back bone of the society.
Chess Board Pattern symbolised interdependence between members of this same society and these can still be applied nowadays in the success of our lives.

Care  – Best to handwash | Do not Iron | Hang Dry | Press with hands

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