Sustainable Development Goals – Important part of any business

An interview with Eglet Nyabvure, the powerful woman behind the Zimbabwean clothing brand ‘Pfeka’ The ‘Eglet Experience’ on collaborations, human rights and environmental due diligence Eglet Nyabvure, the powerful woman behind ‘Pfeka’ is definitely a force to reckon with when it comes to her products originality, quality and zeal for sustainable entrepreneurship. Despite the challenges she faces […]

Pfeka Hosts Zimbabwe National Rugby Team Ahead of Big International Match Against Netherlands

Pfeka Hosted The Sables

A fashion company owned by a Zimbabwean in The Netherlands hosted the southern African nation’s rugby team at the weekend, ahead of a big match against the host country. The Sables have a high-profile International Test match against The Netherlands in preparation for the final round of qualifiers for the Rugby World Cup 2023 to […]